More than 100 folks stopped by Grays Harbor College on April 12 to learn more about the Wild Olympics Campaign. It was a great opportunity to clear up some of the confusion that is out there about this proposal.

I was one of a handful of residents on hand to explain the proposal and answer questions.

Here were the top three things that many people did not know about the campaign:

1. The Wild Olympics Campaign is not proposing willing seller park additions for the Lake Quinault area or anywhere in Grays Harbor County.

2. The Wild Olympics Campaign does not propose closing access to a single mile of road that is planned to be open for recreational access on the Olympic National Forest.

3. The Wild Olympics Campaign is serious about getting input and potential specific adjustments to the draft proposal. They have already made numerous changes to the original draft in response to user groups and residents concerns.

At the Open House they received a number of suggestions that they will most certainly follow up on.

I urge everyone to learn more and give feedback at


Shelley Spalding

Elma, WA