Wild Olympics Wilderness & Wild and Scenic Rivers Act of 2015 (S. 1510; H.R. 2665)

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  • Protects and expands world-class outdoor recreation opportunities like hiking, camping, boating, hunting and fishing.
  • Permanently protects the Olympic Peninsula’s ancient forests, free-flowing rivers and stunning scenery.
  • Protects sources of clean drinking water for local communities.
  • Protects critical salmon and steelhead habitat.
  • Protects rivers and streams vital to the shellfish industry and the health and restoration of Puget Sound.
  • Creates new economic opportunities while protecting existing timber jobs.Protects the Olympic Peninsula’s ancient forests, free-flowing rivers and stunning scenery for future generations


  • Creates 126,661 acres of new Wilderness in Olympic National Forest.
  • Creates 19 new Wild and Scenic Rivers plus their tributaries on Olympic National Forest, Olympic National Park and WA Department of Natural Resources (DNR) land.
  • Creates potential for additional 5,346 acres to become Wilderness (Potential Wilderness) if Forest Service completes restoration under current management plans.
  • Essentially makes current Forest Service safeguards for these sensitive public lands permanent.
  • Protects and grows existing recreational access on the Olympic National Forest.
  • Excludes all existing Forest Service system roads.


  • The final revisions ensure no impact to timber jobs.
  • Protects rivers and streams vital to the future of Washington’s shellfish industry. Washington State shellfish growers support jobs for hundreds of area residents and provide an estimated $270 million economic impact statewide.
  • Proposal carefully designed to protect and grow local and state outdoor recreation industry.
  • Wild and Scenic River Designation typically protects and enhances recreational use on the river, boosting local outdoor recreation economy.
  • Safeguards sources of clean drinking water for area residents and protects taxpayer investments in habitat restoration.
  • Helps attract new residents, entrepreneurs and investment that create local jobs and grow the local economy.

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