I was encouraged to see the news report that Sen. Patty Murray plans to reintroduce her Wild Olympics legislation once again  [“Murray seeks to expand wild lands,” NWWednesday, Feb. 13].

As a photographer, I have spent countless hours capturing images of old-growth forests and cascading rivers on the Olympic National Forest like those this legislation would permanently protect.

The reason I am so passionate about these places is not because I grew up here. Rather, it is because I fell in love with the Olympic Peninsula 13 years ago on a trip with my family. 10 years later we moved from Boston to this corner of the country, like many others have. The draw was pristine forest and rivers of the Wild Olympics.

During my time here, many others have come to Washington state to live work and play as I did. It seems the least we can do to protect the reason that brought them here.

–John Abromowski, Kingston