"Seeing this study, we are now even more confident in our assessment that the final Wild Olympics legislation will not result in any impact to timber jobs. The Port used false assumptions in an attempt to generate a job impact and even so, it's clear that they had a tough time justifying any impact."

"Seemingly designed to generate fear and uncertainty, they throw in a mill closure scenario in their study, but provide no justification for how the Wild Olympics proposal would result in such a scenario."

"They have finally identified the real issue however and it's not Wild Olympics-it is funding and staff support to implement the Northwest Forest Plan. We agree that additional harvest is possible under the Northwest Forest Plan and are working with local timber communities to chart a separate path forward we can all agree on for additional harvest under the Northwest Forest Plan."

The Wild Olympics Campaign, a Quilcene-based coalition of conservation and recreation groups, has developed a detailed 4-page response in addition to the above Campaign statement.