Blair Jr.’s recent article in the Kitsap Sun on the Wild Olympics campaign was an amazing read to me, when I reached the conclusion about expanding the National Park, and forest in our West Sound backyard!

It made me think that during this Christmas season of giving and appreciation we have a wonderful opportunity to think beyond our individual goals. We have the chance to pass a collective goal of preserving the last remaining wild land in its natural state for all future generations that will come after us.

Wow, what a wonderful and great gift we can leave our children for Christmas. It is not a good time to be greedy during the season of giving when we have already changed and altered so much of the face of out planet.

It is time for us to think beyond short-term gain and save the last remaining Wild Olympic forests. It is time for us to leave this gift to our children for their and our future enjoyment in its natural undisturbed state.

Kevin Koski, Bremerton