I was glad to read Roy Nott's March 13 opinion piece, "Wild Olympics Campaign offers down payment on Harbor's future" supporting the Wild Olympics Campaign.

I agree with him and think we ought to conserve the ancient forests and streams of South Quinault Ridge and Moonlight Dome.

Over the years, I, too, have enjoyed hiking in these quiet forests. These simple pursuits are something that I want to be sure can be passed down to my children and their children.

Healthy rivers are vital, not just as sources of drinking water for our communities, but also for the salmon and wildlife populations that thrive there — keeping commercial fishermen in business and attracting sportsmen to the area.

The Outdoor Industry Foundation reports that outdoor recreation brings in nearly $12 billion to Washington State and supports some 115,000 jobs, so it's no surprise that area businesses support this proposal.

These wild forests and rivers are already sitting there on federal public land right now, but they aren't permanently protected from dams or logging, so why not conserve them now as wilderness and Wild & Scenic Rivers and then promote them as the world-class outdoor recreation spots we all know they are?

Protecting the natural resources that make this area attractive to residents and visitors alike just makes good business sense.



Debra L. Holmberg

Ocean Shores, WA