I was excited to read the news that Sen. Patty Murray and Congressman Norm Dicks have put forth their own draft Olympic Wilderness watershed conservation plan for public comment.

As a fishing guide and hunter, I was especially pleased to see they are proposing national preserve additions in place of national park additions.

I have been a strong supporter of the Wild Olympics Campaign over the past two years because it will protect critical watershed habitat while protecting and expanding hunting and fishing access.

By adopting the national preserve option for any lands willingly sold to the national park, Dicks and Murray will give hunters and anglers increased opportunities to have new hunting access for lands that are behind locked gates now.

Any land sold to the Olympic National Park would be managed as a park preserve, allowing hunting and fishing access for the public.

I encourage all Peninsula sportsmen to find out more about how this benefits Peninsula hunters and anglers and www.SportsmenForWildOlympics.org.

This is a new group I am part of called Sportsmen for Wild Olympics. We are Peninsula hunters, anglers, and guides who see great benefits in the Wild Olympics plan and now the Dicks and Murrary draft conservation proposal for peninsula sportsmen.

Roy Morris, Sekiu