I was excited to hear that Congressman Norm Dicks and Senator Patty Murray have joined the conversation on the Wild Olympics proposal “Wilderness Plan Proposed By U.S. Draft by Dicks, Murray mimics Wild Olympics,” Nov. 16 PDN.

For nearly three years, that conversation has grown steadily to include businesses, tribes, timber interests, local elected officials, user groups and other stakeholders.

It was, however, sobering to see such a significant reduction in potential willing-seller additions to Olympic National Park.

The congressional proposal cuts these potentially important wildlife habitat areas almost in half to 20,000 acres.

Although these reductions are a bitter pill to swallow, the Wild Olympics has been and continues to be a conversation piece.

A lot of effort has been put forward in addressing issues and creating a workable approach to protecting our incredible forests and watersheds.

I am hopeful that with Congressional leadership, we have a real chance of providing a tangible legacy for future generations on the Olympic Peninsula.

Mary Porter-Solberg

Sequim, WA