Dear Editor:

As a fisherman, I am always interested in locally-driven efforts to protect watersheds on the Olympic Peninsula. To this end, I have been an active participant in the inclusive and ongoing conversations The Wild Olympics Campaign has been having around the Peninsula the last two years. The latest drafts of the proposal, goals and other information on the Campaign’s website show great promise.

Wild salmon and steelhead runs throughout the Pacific Northwest and here on the Olympic Peninsula are today at a fraction of their historic levels.  We still have a chance to see recovery, but only if we act quickly.  

The proposal would not impact roads that are slated to provide recreational access and a national forest wilderness designation would not only protect watersheds but also allow continued hunting and fishing.  

This kind of conservation program is the right thing to do, not simply for us today, but for the continuing benefit of future generations of fishermen.  I encourage everyone to join the conversation.  Find out more at


Dave Bailey